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YAG Laser Services

Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal

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1064 nm (Q-Switched, nanosecond mode)

Removal of dark ink (black, blue and brown) tattoos

Removal of benign pigmented lesions including;
– Nevus of Ota
– Café au lait spot
– Ephalides, solar lentigo (lentigines)
– Becker Nevus
– Nevus spilus

Treatment of common nevi Removal or lightening of unwanted hair

Skin resurfacing procedures for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles

532 nm (Q-Switched, nanosecond mode)

Removal of light ink (red, sky blue, green, tan, purple, and orange) tattoos
Treatment of vascular lesions including, but not limited to:
– Port wine birthmarks
– Telangiectasias
– Spider angioma
– Cherry angioma
– Spider nevi

Treatment of benign pigmented lesions including, but not limited to:
– Cafe-au-Iait birthmarks
– Ephalides, solar lentigines
– Senile lentigines
– Becker’s nevi
– Freckles
– Common nevi
– Nevus spilus
– Ota Nevus

Treatment of seborrheic keratosis

Treatment of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Skin resurfacing procedures for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

755 nm (Pulsed)

Indicated for stable long-term, or permanent hair reduction. Permanent hair reduction is defined as long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing when measured 6, 9, or 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime.
It is also indicated for the treatment of vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, and wrinkles.
It can be used for all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) including tanned skin.

IPL 570-1200 nmIPL 550-1200 nm

Indicated for photocoagulation of dermatological vascular lesion (i.e. face telangiectasia), photothermolysis of blood
vessels (treatment of facial and leg veins), and treatment of benign pigmented lesions.