Alma Chan BSc PT CAFCI

In by Alethea

Registered Physical Therapist

Alma completed her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Alberta in 2000, and returned to Fort McMurray, where she grew up, to begin her career as a Physical Therapist. Since graduating, she has furthered her education and has completed manual therapy courses, received qualification to refer clients for diagnostic imaging and is certified to practice acupuncture under the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.

Alma’s hands and healing touch are her most valuable tools in therapy.  Her treatment focuses on manual therapy and uses an active based approach.  She believes that education is empowering and is the key to wellness; therefore she knows the importance of providing clients with the ability to care for them selves and prevent future injuries. An avid runner and swimmer, she aims to lead by example, as she and her family live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Treating the injury is only a small part of my work.  Working with the person is the bigger picture.  Being a Physical Therapist is wonderful because I get to help people everyday.  But what I love most about my job is getting to know so many people, all from different backgrounds, and each with their own story to tell.  Every client I have worked with will teach me something new about life, and that is what makes my job so rewarding.