Jillian Greer, RMT

In by Alethea

Registered Massage Therapist

Jillian has been in the field of helping people hands on for over 25 years. After her years as a Home Support Worker and Human Service Councellor, Jillian graduated in 2001 from a 2200 hr Massage Therapy program. Practicing 15 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, Jillian has had extensive experience in the field. Moving recently to Fort McMurray from NewBrunswick, Jillian is excited to be in a new town and to join her new spa team. Jillian is really looking forward to meeting and treating new clients with Massage Therapy treatments specific to the individual’s needs through Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, pregnancy massage and relaxation massage.

“This day and age we are faced with so much stress that can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies leaving us with chronic issues if not treated. Just taking the time to stop, breath, connect and let someone work on helping elevating the weight of the world off your shoulders does wonders. I am blessed to be able to take part in prevention with a client who is taking charge of their health-body, mind and spirit and puts trust into my hands and knowledge. Seeing their smile, shoulders back down from around their ears and the look of appreciation always makes my day and reminds I have one of the best professions out there.”