Karen Cartwright, RMT

In by Alethea


I have been a massage therapist for 5 years and love it. After receiving my first massage in 2008, I realized I would like to help people relieve tension and bring an energetic balance to their body. In 2009 I enrolled in Alberta Massage Training so I could still maintain my full time position to raise my family. It was a struggle but so worth it because now I am able to do. ” what I love to do rather that what I have to do”
Massage is my ultimate passion. I love to help people balance their energy, mind, and body and bring a harmony connection to their well being. With my integrated style of massage infused with my healing modalities I look forward to helping each person with their healing journey. I have several clients that have stated, ” wow, you have really relieved the tension in my shoulders and I have went to lots of massage therapists over the years.”