Company Summary

Achieve Wellness Spa is a luxury medical day spa located conveniently in Stoneycreek Village in Timberlea, Fort McMurray. This high-end location provides guests with the option of underground parking so that they never have to step foot outside. Elevator access takes you directly to our second floor location where you can enjoy the views while taking a relaxing manicure or pedicure. The facility has 14 separate treatment areas plus a 500 square foot plush waiting room, reception room and change rooms with showers. There is a dedicated couples massage room complete with large effervescence healing tub to let the stress melt away. There are two dedicated body treatment rooms one with a steam shower to pull out and wash away toxins.

Achieve Wellness Spa provides a wide variety services and products. These range from the traditional spa treatments such as pedicures, manicures, massages, facials, body wraps and scrubs; to more medical spa services such as chemical peels, RadioFrequency Body contouring, laser hair removal and IPL photofacials. We also provide more mainstream medical treatments such as Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine. We have full high-end retail lines that are 100% cruelty free and free of harmful dyes or fragrances to compliment the services menu (please refer to our products page).

Most Spas focus on temporary relaxation. What we do is help our guests achieve better health and an improved quality of life. Achieve Wellness Spa is a uniquely desirable destination that aims to enhance the lives of our clients. When people are relaxed, comfortable, happy and healthy, they have the ability to work harder, concentrate better, feel physically, emotionally and mentally balanced, and give that happiness back into their homes, workplaces, and community.

Achieve Wellness Spa Logo

Our Logo

Our logo represents the physical body accepting healing and awakening from the universe (as represented by the hands open in receiving from the sun).  The person has their hands raised open to receive healing and to signify moving upward into growth of body, mind and spirit.  The golden sun color signifies love, light, power, healing, professionalism and quality care.

Our slogan “Wellness is a Lifestyle.  Live Better.” Signifies that true change does not come from a treatment or service but from within; from how we choose to live each day.  Our body and its current physical condition is the sum of all of the choices we have made.  What we offer at Achieve Wellness Spa is services to jump start your wellness goals and guidance, knowledge and expertise to make truly lasting lifestyle changes towards wellness.

The goal and promise of Achieve Wellness Spa can be summed up in our name and slogan:

Achieve Wellness Spa –Wellness is a Lifestyle. Live Better.



Achieve Wellness Spa will provide a serene and relaxing environment with many holistic options to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions together to benefit to the whole consumer. We believe in providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside. We will provide a combination of services because as a person becomes interested in one aspect of a healthier lifestyle, it naturally leads to interest in other facets. The high quality, personalized services we offer are part of a larger healthier lifestyle continuum that allows the consumer to take responsibility for their health. Achieve Wellness Spa will establish itself as a dependable destination to which its customers can always come to escape the stresses of life, and rejuvenate their mind and body.


We will provide a unique array of products and services that clients cannot get elsewhere in the community. We will emphasize quality, originality and dependability of service with highly qualified staff trained in the importance of customer care. We will provide a unique atmosphere. From the name to the ambience of our facility, Achieve Wellness Spa will distinguish itself as a completely trustworthy and soothing setting where customers can enjoy being pampered, improve their health and escape the stress of their everyday lives. We will build a community relationship-oriented business. We will focus on strengthening the trust of our customer base, and providing not only services, but information that will aid everyone in the progression of obtaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We will support and donate to local community charities and we will also work with and promote other local health care professionals to our clients. We will help people to build a path to a full healthy life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
~ Buddha

It is my purpose and my mission to spread my ‘light’ in the world, to be of service to all who seek it,
to make a difference in the lives of many.

Alethea-100Alethea Austin

Values and Promise

We value Quality and Passion: we will be a great place to work where people are inspired to be their best and better.

We value People: We will be an inviting place for clients to come for whole body health and wellness. Relationships with our clients will be top priority.

We value our planet: we will use environmentally friendly, non-toxic vegan products

We value Leadership: We have the courage to shape a better future

We value Excellence and Integrity: Achieve Wellness Spa owners wish to inspire optimism, health and happiness. We feel it is every person’s right to live a life full of an abundance of health, happiness and harmony.

It is our Promise at Achieve Wellness Spa to Live Better and to help others Live Better; and part of that promise will include donating 10% of all profits to both local and global charities.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi