5 Holistic Spa Treatments to Aid Stress

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Since March, our world has been turned upside down. We’ve been forced to adapt how we live our day-to-day lives and face new stresses and sources of anxiety daily. Now, even more than ever, it’s vital that we take care of ourselves both mentally and physically. Now that we’re fully open and able to support you, we’ve shared our top 5 spa treatments that will help you reduce stress and bring your body back into balance.

Relaxation Massage: This treatment should come at no surprise. Differentiating from our other massages, this massage is tremendously relaxing and is designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation. This speeds up healing and reduces swelling from the back posture that a lot of us have become victims to throughout these past few months. We recommend adding aromatherapy to the experience which gives it an entire holistic healing. Pure essential plant oils are custom blended to meet your individual needs. These natural oils are gently massaged and absorbed into the bloodstream, clearing physical and emotional toxins, pain, stress, and negativity. When combined with massage, essential oils create a relaxing and luxurious experience that brings your mind and body back into balance.

Classic Pedicure: A luxury treatment, that includes a soothing foot bath while enjoying an extravagant massage in our rolling massage chairs. Enjoy a complete nail shaping, cuticle treatment, and an intense exfoliation to treat calluses and remove dead skin that we probably all still have from winter. Our estheticians will give you a full foot and leg massage, which many would argue is the best part. Finish off by choosing your favourite SpaRitual polish colour of your choice.

Rejuvenation Facial:This organic facial uses Achieve Wellness’ own all-natural skincare line to treat a variety of skin types. This full 1-hour treatment will leave you relaxed while rejuvenating the skin on your face to leave it feeling bright and confident. Besides, who doesn’t love a facial massage that accompanies healthier skin?

SpaRitual Manicure:Our exceptional signature manicure provides the full spectrum treatment that your hands deserve. In addition, you’ll also enjoy a relaxing hand and lower arm massage and deep hydration mask to prepare your hands for meticulous cuticle and nail work. Complete the experience with an eco-friendly paraffin wax treatment and SpaRitual coloured polish. 

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue is an intensive form of massage that aims to address the cause of pain and dysfunction. Through slow strokes and deep finger pressure, our RMT’s use a combination of soft tissue techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, and exercise prescription to relieve pain or soreness and improve joint movement. This supports the body’s natural healing process. This Deep Tissue Massage is a full body massage but has a focus on those sore spots. 

Our team meets with our clients to help them with their health and physical ailments. Choose any of these 5 treatments to relax and reinvigorate yourself to help reduce stress and boost energy. Don’t forget to peek at our monthly specials to make self care a little more affordable.

– The Achieve Wellness Spa Team