5 Years of Achieve Wellness!

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As we’re writing this, we can’t believe that Achieve Wellness has been in business for 5 years! What started as a way to provide quality spa services to Fort McMurray residents has grown into a business that is devoted to improving the health and quality of life of our clients.

We opened our first location, in Stoneycreek Village, in May 2014 (Mother’s Day to be exact)! At the time, we had 17 team members. Since then, we have also opened our second location downtown, and currently have over 50 amazing professionals on the Achieve Wellness team! Meet our lovely team here!

Like any business you need to be fluid and ever changing with the needs of the community. Over the years we have tried to offer the best array of services we think people need, some that have been successful and others that haven’t. We are continuously researching and training staff, and bringing in new services when the opportunity and need arises. Our services range from traditional spa treatments (massages, mani/pedis, etc.) to more medical spa services (chemical peels, laser hair removal, etc.) As well as more mainstream medical treatments like Physical Therapy and Acupuncture.  For a complete list of services click here!

Another exciting milestone we are extremely proud of- launching our own skincare line! We now offer natural, green, clean and eco-friendly products at the spa that provide skincare solutions and deliver results!

Our new Achieve Wellness Spa skincare line

We’ve endured an economic down turn, the “beast” wildfire of 2016 and a flood that shut us down for months… but still we’ve persevered and grown to serve our amazing community! We couldn’t have done it without our dedicated team to serve all of our loyal guests! Thank you all for supporting our local business, we can’t wait to see where the next 5 take us!