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Get your feet summer ready!

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With all this hot weather we’ve been having, it definitely feels like summer! We’ve got out the sunscreen, all of our summer clothes have been brought to the front of the closet and the boots have been traded in for sandals. Are your feet as summer ready as the rest of you, or are you still sporting those dry cracked heels and bare nails? When the sun comes out, so do those feet so let’s have them looking and feeling their best! The fastest and easiest way to achieve great looking feet is to book a pedicure! Have us take care of the work of getting those toes summer-ready and book a pedicure at Achieve Wellness Spa today. 

Once you have those feet looking nice, you want them to stay that way. To prevent dry, cracked heels from making another appearance, it’s best to invest in a good heavy-duty moisturizer that will penetrate the skin’s barrier on those thicker areas. This will help your heels to continue to look and feel soft and beautiful all summer long. Exfoliating with a pumice stone or foot file can also be really helpful to remove that dead, dried layer and reveal better looking skin. Ensure your shoes are fitting well and wear socks when possible to prevent calluses.

With hotter temperatures, that can also mean swollen feet and ankles. Booking a full-body massage can help improve circulation and reduce swelling associated with the warmer weather. Make sure to put your feet up after long days walking around in the heat and admire that pretty polish. 

Our feet are also often neglected in warmer weather. Most of us are good at applying that sunscreen to our face and arms when we’re spending time out in the sun, but an overlooked area is our feet. As cute as those summer sandals and flip-flops are, they don’t offer much in the realm of sun protection, so be sure to apply your SPF to the tops of the feet and those toes to avoid a painful, unsightly burn. 

Foot health is an important part of overall health, and who doesn’t want their feet to look their best when they’re on full display in the summer months! Increase your confidence and treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure. We offer two different pedicure packages at Achieve Wellness Spa for you to choose from, a Classic Luxury Pedicure or The Ultimate Pedicure. Book online, or give us a call at any of our locations today and let us get your feet ready for anything this summer.