Laser Tattoo Removal

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At Achieve Wellness Spa we use a Quanta Q-switch YAG Laser 1064 and532 for your tattoo removal needs. The Q-switch laser focuses its energy on the ink of the tattoo breaking up the pigment and then the ink is flushed from the body by its normal cleansing processes. Tattoo removal can be performed once a month and a numbing cream can be applied to the area to reduce the treatment sensation. We also have a cooling machine to further reduce discomfort. There are a few factors that can effect a tattoo removal treatment such as skin tone, colors used, type of ink used, depth of tattoo and how old the tattoo is. Free consultations are provided at Achieve Wellness Spa to answer any questions you may have about tattoo removal.

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TerriLynn Wheeler
Certified Medical Esthetician