Lift Up Your Holiday Look

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Our Certified Estheticians are excited to provide our spa guests with a new service, the Lash Lift. Come sit back and relax while we give you long-lasting lashes that give you the no-makeup makeup look. With the holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time to enjoy longer lashes.

What’s a lash lift? A lash lift enhances your natural lash’s natural length and volume. Our eyelashes naturally grow outward, which doesn’t give us that uplifting mascara look. A lash lift shapes the lashes upward and encourages new growth upwards which gives them a fuller and longer look. The effects of a lash lift last between 4-5 weeks.

What about lash damage? A lash lift does not damage your lashes as lash
extensions do. A lash lift does not use glue or pull on your natural lashes in any way. A lash lift enhances your natural lash without any pulling or tugging.

For more details about our lash lift service please give us a call at 780-750-3391 or request more information by emailing

The Achieve Wellness Spa Team