The Benefits of Regular Pedicures

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Did you know that pedicures can help catch early detection of bunions, fungal infections, poor circulation and corns? Here at Achieve Wellness our highly trained estheticians can teach you about foot health and have you leaving feeling educated and pampered.
Pedicures are extremely helpful to maintain positive therapeutic balance and allow for proper foot and body mechanics. Many of our reflexes stem from our feet, so proper maintenance can lead to better overall health. Trimming, cutting and clipping of the nails can prevent infection and bacteria within the toes and the skin of the foot. A buildup of dead skin can be uncomfortable and painful, the removal of the skin can prevent bunions and corns, and leave the feet smoother and more attractive.

This month our special will be when booking in for a Spa Ritual Pedicure, you can get our Classic Luxury Manicure for free

Jaclyn Stabback
Certified Esthetician