Warm Up This Winter

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With the cold winter nights here to stay, everyone is looking for ways to escape the cold and warm up. With an arsenal of treatments to choose from, we’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t tried a hot stone massage, you’re missing out. We use a type of volcanic rock that retains heat that connects with the earth’s balancing energy as hot, smooth stones create a soothing, therapeutic massage. This massage is deeply relaxing and therapeutic, not to mention warm, making it a perfect option during the winter. Hot stone massages have become popular due to its nature of relieving muscle tension and pain by increasing blood flow to the affected area. For those of you that have tight joints (who doesn’t?), hot stone massages increase joint flexibility.

All of our body treatments include a cleansing hot towel treatment that will leave your body feeling pleasantly toasty. Whether you desire a purifying and stimulating body scrub or a hydrating and moisturizing body wrap, you’ll be left feeling refreshed and relaxed.

As another way to escape the Fort McMurray cold, escape by yourself or with your partner in our healing effervescence bath with Dead Sea Salt Minerals. Effervescence hydrotherapy will take your bath experience to the next level with air gently travel through unique ports designed to pamper your body with champagne-like bubbles that cling to your skin. Speaking of champagne, you can also enjoy a glass during your treatment.

Also, a partner with Arlene Dickinson, enjoy complimentary cups of Genuine Tea at both of our locations. On top of the great taste to elevate your spa experience, tea has been linked to many health benefits, making it the perfect beverage to go along with our holistic approach to wellness. So be sure to enjoy a hot cup of tea at your next visit.

We’re only entering November so don’t let the deep freeze of winter get you down. With plenty of treatments to warm you up, Achieve Wellness Spa is all you need to beat this chilly weather. Book your next visit to Achieve Wellness Spa.

Stay Warm!
The Achieve Wellness Spa Team