Brandy Nadon

In by Achieve Wellness Spa

Brandy graduated from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy.

Brandy is passionate for people and wellbeing. Entering into this industry, Brandy’s approach is from a very spiritual, client-centered, healing, empathetic and compassionate stand point. Brandy believes that “Self Care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel”. We need to remember that self care is important for our mind, bodies and souls. Through therapeutic treatments, Brandy hopes to help improve overall health, reduce stress and improve muscle imbalances for a happier you.

Brandy specializes in relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, dynamic and static cupping, cranosacral therapy, TMJ intra oral therapy, PNF stretching, fascia stretching, myofascial release, healing touch, reiki, and post/pre natal.

In her free time, Brandy volunteers with the Alberta Boxing Club which she has been a member of for the last 6 years as an official judge. When not judging boxing matches, Brandy enjoys spending time with her many reptile babies, and flipping furniture, turning trash into treasures.