Benefits of Regular Massages

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We use our bodies for so many amazing things every day. We are comprised of a series of muscles, tendons and ligaments that must all work together to perform all the movements that take us through our days. Whether you are on your feet all day, or performing micromovements at a desk, we are a well-oiled, efficient machine. However, we often don’t just stop to marvel at how all these things must work together for us to do all these actions and movements. No one is immune to wear and tear, and the muscles in our bodies can become tight, ligaments and tendons can shorten. Our muscles can “knot”, and we can have aches and pains, dull and uncomfortable. It can become tough to perform the things we so often don’t think about. Just like any machine, our bodies need regular maintenance to keep us working well. Massage therapy can be one way to look after yourself and keep your body moving well, and pain free. Massage therapy is a hands-on treatment focusing on relieving tension in sore muscles, helping you get back to normal. There are so many benefits to massage therapy, some of which will be discussed below.

  1. Stress relief and improved sleep. When we are having poor sleep due to stress or pain, we use muscles to roll us around in our beds. If your muscles are already sore and overworked, sleep can suddenly become less restorative if our muscles aren’t getting their rest. Massages are relaxing and stress reducing, when we reduce our stress, we often can improve our sleep quality and help us feel more rested and restored in the morning instead of furthering the cycle of pain and overuse.  
  2. Improved circulation. When our muscles are tight, they can put strain or pressure on other structures in our bodies such as blood vessels and nerves. When those tight muscles are released, our circulation is restored. This can improve healing to sore spots and facilitate improved muscle quality.
  3. Less pain. Massage can assist in normalizing the length of your muscles. This improves pain and allows you to move freely.

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