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Lashes You’ll Love Every Single Day

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Do you want to simplify your morning beauty routine, while still achieving an effortless and beautiful look? Let us help you with that! Ditch your eyelash curler and those glue-on extensions for a stunning set of lifted lashes. The best part? They’re your lashes! Lash lifts are a great way to achieve a beautiful look with none of the effort. A lash lift uses a silicone rod and a two-step cream solution that adds curl and lift to your natural lashes, with results lasting up to 8 weeks! A lash lift adds lift, curl and length to your own lashes giving you a fuller, brighter and more wide eye look without the need for extensions or mascara. They have no complicated after care and won’t damage to your lashes, so you just get gorgeous lashes without any of the work. Lash lifts are safe and completely pain free.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance addition to your beauty routine, look no further. Now is the perfect time to try out a lash lift as we are offering a lash lift and tint for only $75 during the month of October. Give us a call today at 780-750-3391 to book your service today!