Tattoo Removal

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Everyone makes mistakes, whether you were intoxicated by the love of past partner who just didn’t last or you wanted to rebel as a teenager, not all tattoos were meant to last. That’s why here at Achieve Wellness Spa we offer laser tattoo removal.

Wellness is all about being our best selves, and if you’re living in fear of someone asking about a tattoo you’re embarrassed to have or dressing differently to hide ink you no longer feel passionately about, then you aren’t being your best most confident self. It’s time to get rid of that art and move on. Our Quanta Aesthetics Lasers can remove both light ink and dark ink from your skin. By using very short pulses, the laser can fragment the tattoo ink to produce tiny particles that will be processed by the human body in the weeks following the treatment. The treatment is effective and although not painless, it is manageable and similar to what you experienced when you received the tattoo.

Right now, we’re offering a Free laser tattoo removal session when you purchase two. To learn more about our tattoo laser removals or to book a consultation call 780-750-3391.

The Achieve Wellness Spa Team