New Year, More You!

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The holidays are a time for family, celebration and reflection on what 2019 has brought. We often feel pressure to come up with ambitious new year’s resolutions to make “2020 the best year ever.” It’s time we think about resolutions in a different light.

Here are our top 5 positive habit changes to bring you a happier and healthier 2020.

  1. Schedule Time for You We often think about self-care as a luxury that we’ll fit in when we find some spare time (yes, we’re talking to you, parents). Schedule you-time into your calendars and don’t miss the appointment. You wouldn’t cancel on a friend, so don’t cancel on yourself!
  2. Date Yourself Going out for a meal solo may sound a little awkward but participating in individual activities is very beneficial for your health. Don’t feel restricted into doing your self-care routine at home, get out and do something you really enjoy.
  3. Detox from Social Media & Your Phone Constantly checking our phones, specifically social media, has been linked to higher stress levels. Did you know you can check how much time you spend on social media a week? The numbers can be shocking. Imagine if you could take those hours and put them towards self-care or a hobby that you’ve been putting aside. Set timers on your accounts to remind you to put your phone down. This healthy habit is sure to bring positive outcomes into your life.
  4. Be Proactive with Your Health Don’t wait until you NEED a massage, physio or advice from the naturopath. We love prevention planning for back pain, cold season and other health care concerns. Regular appointments can often mitigate or catch things early or prevent other things from popping up.
  5. Get Enough Sleep You’ve heard it time and time again and for good reason. Researchers suggest that healthy adults need 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night. So, for the new year make regular, quality sleep a bigger priority. You may have to make some lifestyle adjustments, but trust us, a well-rested you is the best you.

For 2020 don’t add a bunch of stress with drastic new year’s resolutions that will leave you feeling worse about yourself when you don’t achieve them. Set positive, realistic resolutions that will help you feel and be your best all year long.

Here’s to an amazing 2020!

The Achieve Wellness Spa Team