What does it mean to be a Quality Assurance Approved Spa?

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Spas from across the country have distinguished themselves amongst the most elite in Canada by successfully completing the Spa Industry Association of Canada’s rigorous Quality Assurance Program.

Safety and hygiene standards have become vital, key concerns over the past few years, as the popularity of spa treatments has grown. There is no federal government regulation for the Canadian spa industry. Many provinces require little, if any licensing at all for spa practitioners – especially hair, skin, and nails. Many training facilities and schools do not have uniform, equivalent educational programs and/or requirements for graduation.

The Quality Assurance Program, the only national program of its kind in the Canadian spa industry, is designed to demonstrate to consumers which spas exceed industry standards and best practices.

Spas earn the distinctive Quality Assurance Approved designation through an assessment conducted by independent third-party assessors specially trained for this industry. Renewal is not automatic, as spas must re-qualify once their terms expire.

At Achieve Wellness Spa we have only the most highly trained professionals (we do not hire nail tech’s, laser tech’s or others with limited weekend type course training); we use the highest quality products and our sterilization techniques supersede what is required in Canada. We have thorough in-house training for all new staff members on proper spa etiquette, proper language and other customer service skills. We have continued to regain our Quality Assured Distinction every two years since opening. We are proud to stand above the rest to bring our customers peace of mind while they enjoy our services. Close your eyes and relax!