Benefits of Waxing

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There are tons of benefits to waxing as opposed to shaving. Waxing creates a smoother feel and lasts longer because the hair gets pulled out directly from the root. Waxing can also make your hair grow back thinner and sparser over time. Waxing is also fast and convenient! Just a quick stop to the spa every 4-6 weeks instead of spending time in the shower everyday shaving.

At Achieve Wellness Spa we only use high quality, professional wax. We use the brand Cirepil for many reasons. Here are a few. Cirepil is a high quality, low temperature wax suitable for all techniques and skin types. Only the finest ingredients are used in its formulations. The range of Cirepil waxes include strip and non-strip, sensitive & hypoallergenic, moisturizing & natural, scented & unscented. The different varieties and textures of Cirepil waxes have each been created with a targeted solution for each clients needs, ensuring perfect results and customer satisfaction every time.

We also take safety and sanitation very seriously at Achieve Wellness Spa. Each client that comes in for a waxing service is required to sign a consent form stating that they have no contraindications to receiving the service. Gloves are always worn depending on what body part you are having waxed, and we never EVER double dip our wax sticks. Each wax stick is disposed as soon as it touches your skin ensuring that no type of bacteria is ever present in our wax pots. We also do all waxing services in private rooms. No curtains no room dividers, it is a completely separate room with doors that can lock. This allows for complete privacy and comfortability while you are having your service done.

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