Detoxing Your Life: How Massage, Sleep and Facials Can Help Your Body

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In the last few months, we have watched a surge of people cleaning up their spaces and simplifying their life all thanks to Marie Kondo and the show Tidying Up. The basic principle  behind her work is that if something doesn’t spark joy inside of you, then it is time to let it go. While cleaning your home and detoxing your space is important to your overall well-being, it is also important to focus on the physical element of detoxing your life. Here are a few ways to detoxify your body and feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.


Regular massages have many detoxifying health benefits. Massages causes chemicals to be released within the body, which bring toxins out of your muscles.

Massage has also been found to help the substance lymph move around, which assists in getting rid of toxins from tissues in your body. Nerys Purchon, author of “The Essential Natural Health Bible,” explains that massage helps your body rid itself of waste and toxic substances by assisting your blood to move throughout your body.

After a massage, your therapist will encourage you to drink plenty of water to continue the detoxification process.

Restorative Sleep

Sleep is critical to your overall health. The quality of sleep is just as important as the quantity of sleep you are getting each night. In order to reach a restorative state of sleep, it’s important to set a routine for yourself.

According to Mind Body Green, the most restorative sleeping hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. This is the time when your body cleanses the major organs. If you’re struggling to fall asleep by 10:00 p.m. consider reducing your caffeine intake and leaving your electronic devices, such as your TV or cell phone outside of the bedroom.


What does detox mean for skin care? Say hello to facials. Facials decrease waste underneath the skin that can cause puffiness, ruddiness, and fluid accumulation.

Your skin needs to eliminate the waste it accumulates on a regular basis. If it doesn’t you are more likely to breakout with blemishes and unwanted acne. With a dry climate and cold weather, your skin is working overtime just to keep-up. A skin detox is necessary and a facial is an excellent way to ensure your skin is on it’s A-game.

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