How to Transition Your Skincare from Winter to Spring

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 Just like the weather is different in April and November, so is your skin! We’ve listed some easy ways for you to transition your skincare routine from winter to spring. 

Peel to reveal glowing skin 

Smoother, younger-looking skin is hidden just beyond the surface—literally. So why not peel back old, damaged skin to reveal a healthier layer underneath? Shed some light on the all-too-common skincare complaint that is dull, winter skin with our Vivier Peel proven to exfoliate dull, dry skin, target skin imperfections, and improve skin texture. You’ll notice an improvement in your skin quality after just one session, but we recommend 3-6 treatments for the best results. 

Get as much H2O as possible 

As the temperature starts to climb, you need to keep your body as hydrated as possible. There are two easy ways to do this: drinking lots of water and bathing. With the right bath water temperature, filled with Epsom salts and bath oils, you can shed dead skin cells and allow skincare products to work more effectively. 

Protect your skin 

If you’ll be spending more time outside, it’s important to protect skin against pollution and external aggressors. Defense Serum is a unique antioxidant cocktail infused with 20% vitamin C 

and ferulic acid which aids in cellular interaction and encourages collagen synthesis. This serum is suited for those who are experiencing premature aging or environmental oxidization. 

Ditch old products 

Spring-cleaning applies to your skincare routine as well! Ditch any products that are more than 6-months old. Clean out your cupboards for clearer skin, and invest in new serums and toners that will work with your face—not against it. 

The Achieve Wellness Spa Team