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What you can expect from a professional facial treatment.

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Having a great skincare routine at home can lead to healthy happy skin, but supplementing
your daily routine with treatments from skincare professionals can help rid trouble areas,
provide a deeper longer lasting clean and leave you feeling more confident. This blog will share
the benefits on receiving a facial treatment from a professional esthetician and what you can
expect when booking a treatment.

Facials are skin treatments that cleanse, exfoliate, extract, moisturize and massage the skin on
your face. Certain facials are tailored to help treat specific skin concerns, but all facials will help
rejuvenate and nourish your skin leaving it feeling healthier, younger and fresher. Here’s what
you can expect when you book a facial treatment.

  1. Cleanse – Typically a facial will begin with a thorough cleaning of the skin where your
    esthetician will massage a cleanser into your face and neck area helping to remove any
    excess dirt or makeup. A cloth, pad or soft sponge may be used to gently remove the
  2. Exfoliate – Your esthetician will work to buff away dead skin cells with an exfoliating cream
    and may even use steam to help open up your pores.
  3. Extract – Either by hand or with a special metal tool, your esthetician will help clear pores of
    excess oil and dead skin cells.
  4. Massage – Your esthetician will massage your face and neck area to help lymphatic
    drainage and circulation, leading to ultimate relaxation.
  5. Moisturize – To finish off your facial your esthetician may apply a custom mask to help
    hydrate, combat dryness and reduce oiliness.

At Achieve Wellness Spa we offer a wide range of facials all applied by certified estheticians
that will leave your skin feeling its best. Take a look at our facials below to find one that’s right
for you.

Organic Rejuvenation Facial
– This organic facial uses Achieve Wellness! own all natural skin
care line to treat all skin types
Ultimate Skin Savior Medi-Facial – This facial is custom to your needs using Vivier Skin care
products. Treat mature/aging skin, dehydrated, oily, acneic, hyper pigmented skin or redness.
Enjoy the benefits specific to your concern that will boost elastin and collagen, promote cell
rejuvenation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance moisture and balance the skin. The years
will be erased from your face!
Cherry Blossom Facial – This facial includes a fruit acid peel to effectively exfoliate the skin
without irritation. It is high in antioxidants and collage- boosting ingredient! Which firm and
brighten the skin.
Clarifying SkinTx Medi-Facial – This facial uses pharmaceutical grade products for deep
cleansing and purifying while also restoring skin!s PH and minimizing pores.
Back Facial – If your back could use some exfoliation, cleansing and extractions then this
treatment can really help.

Visit our esthetics page to learn more and book a treatment today